A short Poem: The River

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A short Poem: The River

Behold the creator of all things good,

The arrogance of man-kind,

Save the trees, eat 5 a day, adopt a pet,

Thousands born on the wrong side of the river,

No raft shared to get across,

They remain tethered and unused on the other side,

Out of reach, wilting in their disuse,

People aware but awkward and restricted,

Blinded and occupied with the trivial,

Story’s of arks & doves distort the calmness of the river,

Fairytales of fear and commands,

No man crosses the river,

Whilst the strength lies with other men,

The pure of heart drown in the great divide,

For both sides are mirrored wastes,

Too much & too little,

Too little & too much,

Too many will drown for a bridge of flesh & bones,

Until only two remain,

Go forth and multiply,

So we can start the cycle again.


S.C. 2013



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