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The Wealth that won’t Trickle Down

The richer man has the lighter wallet yet again, whilst we struggle with heavy wallets saving up our coppers.

 Whether I truly understand the severity of the current economic crisis or not, the politicians promise that we were ‘all in this together’ is looking like another standard lie. The cutting of the tax rate to those who earn over £150,000 looks to be standard Conservative procedure, however they are raising the tax threshold of when people should start paying tax to just over £9,000. This would leave the comfortably rich better off and save young people just starting jobs around ‘£200 a year’ (BBC). This however, in my view seems to be a ploy to give the ‘younger unemployed’ such as myself, a minuscule hand whilst recruitment for public sector jobs is frozen and the cost of living rises. 4.4 million pensioners will also be worse off as age-related tax allowances are to be frozen or removed, it would seem that the young and the wealthy are to be supported through the exploitation of their grandparents. I don’t see the creation of many jobs or introduction of foreign investment if companies and big earners avoided the previous 50% tax, why would the 45% suddenly become appetising? The same goes for corporation tax falling to 24% this year and 22% by 2014. I just do not see how such minuscule tax incentives, at the cost of those who are struggling to maintain the lifestyle that they deserve, are a viable option.

The closure of the Remploy factories in Wrexham, where 272 disabled workers lost their jobs and will be very lucky to find new ones, were done so because the factories were not considered ‘financially viable’. How can the Tories and partly (I suppose) the Lib Dems implement tax cuts for the rich, who will NOT provide these disabled workers jobs, whilst damaging the lives of the vulnerable in our society? The simply unforgivable excuse given by the Tories is that the rich ‘avoid paying it anyway’, well Mr. Cameron why don’t you try and close the existing loopholes that allow such undemocratic use of British money?

Have an income of £20,000 be £220 per annum better off.
Have an income of £1,000,000 be £40,000 better off.

Don’t even get me started on the NHS (cutting jobs and equipment will not improve healthcare!!! Good job Eton schoolboys are all private healthcare), or the in-balance’s regarding the investment in the South and the North of England or the extra £500 million put into the Olympic games, of which most of us will not be involved in, or the cutting of benefits to the disabled. The tax cuts reward those who look for work, but cuts to the private sector and the cutting of jobs is creating a job market that most postgraduates cannot compete in and leave those without qualifications and many students to find cash in hand work.

Sometimes I think that the politicians forget that it was the rich who got us into this mess. The current government would rather hold onto the rich than the skilled. There are very few incentives for Doctors, Nurses, Scientists, Engineers the list goes on, to remain in the UK, these people are our future. They make use of the wealth of the few and provide it to the majority, rather than it being passed between the same bloated hands.



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