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3 Bands to look out for


This band have gripped me by the proverbial ear and haven’t let go. As grungy as Nirvana, as melodic as Biffy Clyro and as rock and roll as Foo Fighters, they are definitely ones to watch. If Dinosaur Pile Up don’t get the true recognition they deserve in the next few years than the music industry is certainly dead. They released their début album ‘Growing Pains’ in 2010 and with tracks such as ‘Traynor’ and ‘Mona Lisa’ the band have showcased some of their true quality. If the next album (expected this year sometime) is as good or better, I expect some larger festival slots for Dinosaur Pile Up in 2013.


The name may be familiar to a few festival goers and even some radio listeners through Zane Lowe. The band have supported Muse and Biffy Clyro on separate tours, credentials that certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. Pulled Apart By Horses are as in your face as you can get without being full on ‘screamo’ and  their live performances are renowned for their energy and passion. They are a band that is definitely on the rise and I see very few obstacles in their way.

Milo Greene are a 5 piece hailing from Los Angeles, with outstanding vocal harmonies that have been described by many youtube users (I have researched this..sort of) as raising the hairs on your arms and giving goosebumps. I know very little of the band except of what is on youtube, the best advice I can give is to ask you to have a listen yourself.



One thought on “3 Bands to look out for

  1. Just found out about Milo Greene today from NPR. Can’t stop listening to them. So addicted.

    Posted by chiefwendel | July 15, 2012, 3:33 AM

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