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It’s a Two Way Street: There’s nothing wrong with Atheists

Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men -Martin Luther King

I completely agree with this quote and I’m more or less an Atheist. In my view spirituality is as personal as ones emotions, and just because a person is not affiliated to a religion it doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t be spiritual. The thing that annoys me most is how offended religious groups sometimes get when they are questioned. Religion appears to be the only concept of teaching that isn’t allowed to be ‘corrected’ or questioned through time. Generally everything changes, whether it be ideologies or things get questioned or proven wrong, ie. the world is not flat! Apparently being an Atheist your not allowed to say; ‘hang on, this geezer walked on water, performed miracles, turned water into wine and then told his disciples to write a book saying that it is a sin to eat any form of shellfish, I’m not to sure’. I do not mean to offend anyone but this is how I view it and I believe everyone is of equal opinion and if I am wrong, according to you, you can enjoy watching me burn for eternity in hell from heaven. Sounds a bit unchristian but that’s your belief.

I do not discredit the works that religious organisations do, on the contrary, the looking after the homeless, sick and housebound, organised by many forms of religion are fantastic. If a man overcomes an addiction to whatever substance, drugs or alcohol through ‘finding God’ is that not just an excellent form of spiritual guidance? This is why I do not discredit religion totally, but for me it is just spiritual everyone finds it eventually whether its Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist even through, music, sport and other non religious activities, spiritualism can be found.  Sometimes all we need is guidance and if that’s through religion that’s fine! Just don’t start discrediting other peoples belief because you’ve ‘found yourself’ and your ‘one true God’.

‘If Christians are right, 1.6 billion Muslims will burn in eternity, if Muslims are right 2.2 billion Christians will burn in eternity’

I see religion as one entity, like humanity. For example we are humans but we have many races, but in the end we are near enough equal. For me it’s just another form of man made natural categorisation, a way for a group of individuals to inflict their ideals on another group. We had the slave trade and the suppression of races which throughout history went hand in hand with the many crusades and genocides brought about in the name of the ‘one true God’. It is as if we create these categorisations when we have nothing to fight over. Perhaps its human nature that we continually create differences and arguments that contradict one another so we can simply satisfy our need for fight and struggle.


Scientology = Cult. Simple, it is not an Atheist club or simply science’s way of combating religion. It is a cult like any other throughout history, it is one man’s word against everyone else’s. You can argue this point about any if not most religion but in my opinion the Mormon religion is the most questionable. Why oh why does the U.S. seem to have so many cults? Simple, education. Throughout history man has created deities in search of answers or reason. Worship the sun god or the rain god, even offer human sacrifice to please these gods in order to get a good harvest. This to me makes more sense then going to a place of worship once a week to pay a religious figure to read a poorly translated Latin script. I saw a documentary on discovery about mummification in Papua New Guinea and how the mummified bodies were visited so that relatives could go and talk to the deceased about problems and look for guidance. The man which the program was focused on had malaria and did not have long left. Christianity was introduced to Papua New Guinea and he feared that if he got mummified he’d go to hell, but if he got a Christian burial he would not be able to meet his mummified family in the afterlife. If God were to send this man to hell for getting mummified, is it not a vengeful and evil act? In some cultures, many tribal, the villagers worship the Devil  to deliver them from doing evil acts or pray to keep the Devil happy so he doesn’t try to manipulate them.

To conclude, my main annoyance is religious people saying that atheists ‘don’t believe in anything’. I for one would like to think that human kindness is something that we have developed as a species and not some God given right. Too long has religion been used as an excuse for terrible acts of atrocity, too long have we tried to inflict religious ideals and traditions on countries, thus losing their historical traditions and identity. It is not until we as a race can account for our own actions as free speaking and free thinking individuals, that we will all emerge as better people. If we all worked together and as one we can achieve the peace and freedom that everyone wants but are too acceptant of the present to work towards. To finish, does an atheist who was charitable all his life go to hell, rather than an religious man who went to church weekly but never put another man before himself?

Thank God for making me an Atheist – Ricky Gervais 



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